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Introduction to E-Banking
This notice aims to summarise some important points with regards to our internet banking service.
1. First time log-in
1.1 ICBC Internet banking service only supports IE (Internet Explorer) 8.0 and its earlier version, and it requires Windows 7.0 system. At the present, this control does not support Mac and Firefox.
1.2 First use of online banking, the page will be prompted to download and install "ICBC online banking assistant", please follow the prompts to download and install the software. For more detailed steps on how to install this software, please refer to the online banking Installation Assistant help notes.
1.3 If a Company computer is used to log-in, please contact IT staff to confirm the firewall settings.
1.4 Simple Chinese is the default language on the Personal E-Banking page. If you would like to view in English, please click on [English] on the upper right corner.
2. User name and password
2.1 For the safety of your account, we advise you to log-in and reset your temporary password as soon as your online account is activated. When resetting a new password, please pay attention to prevent others from stealing it.
2.2 The System will automatically initialise the password reset prompt the first time you log-in. Please note your temporary password will expire if you fail to reset it within six months from when your online account is activated.
2.3 Please inform the bank immediately if system does not initialise password reset prompt during your first time log-in, in order to avoid temporary password being stolen by others.
2.4 For your convenience, we recommend you create a username for future log-on and select "Username" when you logon. Your logon account number can still be used to access your Internet banking account.
3. Token card
3.1 Some services require use of our token card in order to authorise. When the token card's coordinates shows, please input the coordinate value within 90 seconds or the input will be invalid.
3.2 If you input an invalid entry more than 5 times, your token card will be temporarily barred until the next day. If you input an invalid entry 10 times, it will become permanently frozen and you may have to visit our branch to apply for a new token card.
3.3 Our token card has a life time of up to 1000 times of use. Please visit our branch to apply for a new token card when it expires.
4. Remittance/transfer cut off time
4.1 Due to the bank's internal procedure requirements,some types of remittance/transfer can only be processed within specified time periods. Instructions submitted within the following time period, shown in the table below, will be processed by us on the same day; others (incl bank holidays) will be dealt with on the next working day.
For details of types of transaction, time and limitation, please refer to this table.
4.2 Remittance details can only be accepted in English or Simplified Chinese. For pre-settled RMB remittance (i.e. Where the Beneficiary receives RMB), you must write the Beneficiary's bank and Beneficiary's Name in Chinese.
4.3 You can track your Remittance instruction status by logging in to your online account at any time. Please select [Remittance instruction enquiry] in [Outward Remittance]. The status will normally be updated after one working day.
5. Identification
5.1 Customers must provide a valid ID and it must be consistent with the ID type (e.g. Passport) used for opening your accounts, in order to use all counter services (e.g. add/delete subsidiary account, renew token card, etc) in relation to Internet banking at any ICBC Austria branches.