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Institutional Banking Service

Clearing Service
ICBC provides exchange settlement and clearance services for the interbanks and non-banking financial institutions through the overseas payment systems from the foreign exchange clearance accounts ICBC-opened overseas, SWIFT system, and fund remittance and transfer systems. ICBC provides customers with the payment of remittances for both outward and inward remittances and conducts exchange funds clearance for various types of foreign currencies on customers’ behalf.

ICBC offers institutional client multi-currency and multi-tenor deposit service with a competitive interest rate.

Financing Service and/or Cooperation
Various financing types and modes can be offered, such as Interbank Borrowings, Exporting Refinancing, Import Refinancing, Guarantee, Risk Participation, Forfaiting, FI Syndication, etc.

Foreign Exchange Funds Service and/or Cooperation
Applying for various financial tools, ICBC can assist institutions, under the condition of risk control, to realize the goals of asset-value retaining and adding, including FX Spot, Forward, Swap, or other tailor-made hedging solutions.

Advisory Service
With the internationalisation of Chinese market, more and more foreign institutions are willing to invest into Chinese capital market, so as to share the benefits of China’s economic development. With experienced investment professionals in Chinese market, ICBC can provide clients with comprehensive advisory services in Chinese onshore investment.