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ICBC has always taken the leading position in the banking settlement market. Backed by developed banking settlement network and advanced technology platform, the ICBC Austria can provide your good company with reliable, efficient and high-quality settlement service

+  International Settlement
International Remittances
In the process of cross border deals, use this service when you receive or send remittance on the goods, capital funds, dividends, commissions or any fees through T/T.
Export Letter of Credit
To use the fast and convenient ICBC L/C service, your good company is recommended to request importer to open letter of credit and appoint ICBC as the advising bank so that you are kept informed of the L/C opening progress. ICBC receives your importer's L/C in real-time and sends it for the review by e-mail or fax.
Export Documentary Collection
Submit all the commercial documents to ICBC once your goods are shipped. ICBC immediately checks the documents and sends for collection to your specified bank in the import country. Call ICBC in case of any questions. ICBC will answer all your queries and help you to avoid or reduce trade disputes.
Import Letter of Credit
Use this service when your good company makes an agreement with your exporter to use L/C as the settlement of trade. ICBC will open Letter of Credit to exporter based on your application. When ICBC receives all the commercial documents sent from your exporter's bank, ICBC will proceed for acceptance (or payment) to exporter or its assigner provided all documents are verified without errors.
Import Collection
Acting on the instruction from the overseas remitting bank, ICBC will present to your good company the commercial documents received for payment/acceptance. Goods will be released to your good company once the payment/acceptance is made. Services that ICBC offered are: photocopy of the bills, advising, acceptance, payment, liaison with the overseas remitting bank and exporter.

+  Cross-border RMB business
Cross-border RMB business, such as RMB cross-border settlement, financing, investment and trading businesses, are performed by the Bank for enterprises to meet your needs for true and compliant cross-border business in accordance with Chinese cross-border RMB policies aiming to serve the real economy and promote trade and investment. Enterprises can use RMB to settle all cross-border transactions which can be legally settled with foreign exchange.
Furthermore, the two-way opening up of China’s financial market has also brought new opportunities for cross-border RMB business. There is an increasing demands for the investment in domestic equity markets from RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII), the investment in domestic interbank bond market from overseas institutional investors, the issuance of RMB bonds in overseas market by domestic entities, the issuance of RMB bonds (Panda Bonds) in China by overseas entities, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Bond Connect. The Bank can provide abundant cross-border securities investment products and services for domestic and foreign investors.

+  Global Cash Management
"ICBC global cash management services" represent a full spectrum of financial services including global account management, centralized collection/disbursement and cash pool, backed by strong IT platform, a worldwide branch network and professional team. ICBC global cash management services help customers gain an accurate picture of the company's cash position around the world in a timely manner, allocate domestic/ overseas receivables/payables from one location and pool cash around the globe with multi-currency.