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Term Lending


As one of the world’s largest commercial banks, ICBC can provide financing services in severl senarios. ICBC Austria is functioned as the regional hub of ICBC in Central and Eastern Europe. We will provide a full range of financing services to your good company in the forms of market products such as general working capital loan, trade finance, equity loan, and Schuldschein Darlehen,etc.
Meanwhile, we use a private customization method to conduct financing business. You can click here to inform us your needs. Our professional client manager will contact you to learn more about your good company and find out the product portfolio that suits your needs among our product library.

Basic products include:

Working Capital Finance
Working Capital Finance are loans granted to customer to satisfy temporary or seasonal fund needs to ensure their normal production and business activities.

Project Finance
A loan released to the borrower for the investment in fixed asset with regards to financing new property, extension or renovation of the existing property, new development or acquisition.
Flexible term, generally mid-to-long term, or sometimes short-term loan for quick turnaround of fast cash.
Different combination, non-financing guarantee can be issued under the project loan, or applying for trade finance.

Trade Finance
Trade has become the most important economic topic in the world today. Backed by the strong credit rating of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, its largest branch network and its outstanding ability to manage risk in China, ICBC Austria Bank GmbH is very active in providing trade finance facilities, especailly in respect of China related trades. We can offer a broad suite of products for example, letters of credit, documentary collections, bank guarantees, standby letters of credit, L/C confirmations, forfaiting, and discounting of bills of exchange, to support your trade transactions.
We are also committed to solving the problem of funding turnover in traditional trade. Products such as Export financing, Import Financing etc. are designed and provided to our customers to solve the short-term funding shortage of buyers or sellers. This will help promote the successful development of related trade.

Merging and Acquiring Finance
The Merging and Acquiring Loans refer to the ones we grants to merging parties or their subsidiaries to pay merging transaction prices.

Syndicated Finance / Schuldschein Darlehen
ICBC is dedicated to conduct international inter-bank loans, participate in international and domestic syndicated loans. Austria is located in the German-speaking area and the local Schuldschein Darlehen business is also active. ICBC Austria continues to focus on accumulating interbank cooperation in the Schuldschein business.